About Sharp Management & Consulting

For years Ed Sharp, the founder of Sharp Management & Consulting, worked for several other business consulting companies.  Although they had very good information many of the clients were not succeeding on their programs as well as they could have been.  He observed what was missing in each case was that it wasn’t customized to that individual client.


This is a graph of an actual client’s patient visits, just one example of the improvement that SMC’s clients experience.

Thus Sharp Management & Consulting was created utilizing programs that are tailor-made to address the individual problem areas for each client.  You work one-on-one directly with Ed to address each area holding you back in your business. 

SM&C has been helping business owners and doctors since 1993.  Our success rate is phenomenal.   We have intentionally kept our “shop” smaller so we can deliver individualized, quality assistance.  We don’t accept everyone, only those that really want to succeed.

Take the time to do our Free Business or Practice Analysis today and get started toward reaching your business goals for yourself and your company or practice.



If you would like to talk to someone about Sharp Management results please call us at (727) 669-0655 or email us .