As you already know, running a practice is something we did not learn in school.  There was no 101 New Patients course, or 104 Chiropractic Sales course, not to mention the 106 Hiring Good Staff course.  Running an efficient practice is either something we had a gift for or have to learn.

To run a successful practice requires that the statistics continue to expand, even if only a little bit on a continuous basis.  In order to learn how to do this I had to overcome the fear of getting the “right” help for me.  Some of you may have to overcome that same fear of having to do things that make you feel uncomfortable-at first.

I have recently found a personalized program that has made a really big difference in how I run my practice.  I now do it more effectively, have less stress, get more new patients, collect more cash and just have a whole lot more fun doing it.

Ed Sharp, of Sharp Management and Consulting, came out to my office (one of the steps in his program) and located the exact reasons why things were not going well in my office.  Then with his assistance I implemented a program to improve (or fix) those areas.  Immediately, I was taking in more cash, getting better patient commitment to care and hiring better staff.  I started getting more new patients right away.  And the best part about it was that it wasn’t hard!  Once you handle the exact reasons that are holding you back it’s a sure shot upward.

Mr.  Sharp is extending this offer to you for a free consultation to see what areas of your practice are stopping you from reaching your goals.  Don’t be afraid!  Give him a call now.  I highly recommend him. 


I have been in practice for over 14 years.  My practice has been very successful by anyone’s definition, but in the last year or so it has been spinning out of control.  Things were falling through the cracks, people were angry, my staff were getting upset and quitting.  What worked, wasn’t.

I knew I needed to do something and as much as I wanted to pack it all in, I knew that was not the right thing to do.  Of course I was carrying all this with me and screwing up my life as well. 

I had the opportunity to speak with Ed Sharp.  After some phone consultation I decided to have him come to my office for an intensive four days.  Some days we worked 12-14 hours, I guess I really needed it and he was right there to help me to get it. We took the practice apart and put back together a machine.  The same staff who were pissed off and upset are already smiling from ear to ear.  They feel renewed and have a greater sense of purpose.  Yes, we have much work to do, but we are ALL willing to participate and get it done.

I have planned and focused action steps and can feel the vision I once had 14 years ago.  I am excited and so is my staff.  This is going to be a fun place to be again!!

Thank you,

Dear Ed,

Let me express my appreciation for the information and strategies you shared with me and my staff.

 Your ability to observe and synthesis all areas of the practice, and communicate simple solutions to the primary trouble spots will certainly improve the bottom line.

More importantly, your professional approach and sensitivity never threatened my personal philosophy of patient care.

Having you on site, I was made comfortable with the suggestions regarding my practice and the availability to explain specific techniques to my staff.

 Please consider me as a reference to anyone who might need your services.


For four years I have struggled with my practice.  I did not get any practice management training while at NCC. (National College of Chiropractic)  The only experience I had was from the previous D.C. I worked with.  After hearing of the success of one of my colleagues with Ed, I made the decision to change my practice and my life.  I signed up with Ed in June of 2002.  It is now August and I have almost doubled my practice.  All you have to do is listen to what Ed has to say and apply it.  He knows what he is talking about.  If you know you can do better but are not, you have to sign up with the very best.  If you have any questions, please contact me.

Thanks Ed.


I have been taught so many things over the past couple of days about how to take better care of my patients.  I always thought I was a “GOOD” doctor.  I knew how to treat and care for my patients very effectively, on their road to recovery.  I kept up on many of the new techniques and procedures with which to help them.  My commitment level was to be “The Doctor”, to get them out of their problems, to heal them.

I have struggled for years to keep my head above water, to take care of my family and give them what they need.  I don’t know how many times I’ve sat down to figure out what I could do better in my business.  I made big goals, then after nothing happened, I made little goals to see if they could be achievable.  I’ve been quite persistent through the years in trying to make this business grow and give me financial success.  In the past couple of years I’ve put a little distance between myself and the practice, I tried to step back and see what I could do better.  Several things were told to me by the other doctors that were supposed to help improve my practice.  Some of those things were very difficult for me to do or even think of doing, so most of the things didn’t get done.  I didn’t have time for them.

The reason I even agreed to have you come into our office at the price you quoted, was because of your track record in helping doctors in their practices.  Knowing how much you were charging, I was going to sit up and pay attention.  It wasn’t difficult to do what you asked of me, in fact, it was quite easy.  With each new concept my eyes were opened and I saw why I couldn’t see my ship that had come in many years ago when I finished school and became a healer.  My capabilities and commitment were there with a desire to help others.  With a few hours of teaching, I can now use pathways of communication to help the patient become committed and take responsibility for their own care.  The first day I used these concepts, I had two new patients pay for their treatment programs, up front.  I know that these patients will have a greater chance of follow through with treatment than they would have before.  I had their commitment to take care of their own health, and they had my commitment to help them on their path.  It felt good because we were both working for the dame goal, THEIR HEALTH.

Thank you for coming into our office and helping us take better care for our patients.  Your fee became more reasonable after my capabilities became known to me.


I would like to introduce Ed Sharp to my fellow doctors.  Ed Sharp is an excellent office consultant, helping to hone skills forgotten or learn those never learned before.  Following the skills taught, one can not fail to see significant improvement at both home and office.

He is especially skilled at helping to manage with statistics to see and correct problems beginning at the office before they have an opportunity to create even larger problems.

Since I have been working with Mr. Sharp my office has seen a 100% increase.  I can recommend him to you wholeheartedly, knowing he will do a great job for you.

I suggest you take him up on his offer to do a free consultation to see what areas you are having trouble with and to see what can be done to fix these areas.  This offer will not last long, so call him NOW.  I think you will be glad you did.


Having two Dr’s in one clinic (2 separate practices) I was reluctant to have Ed come in.  Having worked with Ed Sharp for 4 days he was able to help solve the problem of both clinics, to my satisfaction.

Also I had taken courses by WISE and thought I understood the formulas.  Ed was able to explain them in terms that I could use in every day practice.  He has a lot of energy and enthusiasm.  He helped make it fun for reluctant staff.  He was honest and didn’t try to butter up what needed to be confronted. 

I can highly recommend Ed Sharp and his services.


For the last several years, my wife and I have been working hard to keep our practice going in the right direction.  With the constant hedge of inflation, PPO discounts, more patients lost to HMOS, etc, its been pretty tough to keep a level heading.  I think I have slowed down too.  I got a little lazy and burned out.  I got tired of staff and business hassles.  My good intentions were always there, they were not being put into action very well.

 I only have one basket of golden eggs, that’s Chiropractic.  I can’t even sell myself on any multi-level concepts or products, let alone my patients.  If I could just find a way to tell and sell people of what I know best (Chiropractic), I bet things might get better.

I was introduced to Ed Sharp by a good friend of mine, another chiro nice guy, working hard to better himself and his practice.  Ed Sharp is a business/practice management consultant who comes to your clinic for evaluation.  He spent considerable time getting to know my business, through verbal and written survey before he came.  When Ed arrived, he watched our procedures, and took lots of notes, and really observed the tone of our office.  The next three days were intense training, to organize and optimize our business procedures, and our time, as well as develop new marketing techniques.

I feel Ed Sharp has contributed significantly to the management and operation of our office.  He has helped me see how to evaluate what we are doing very easily, and what to do to fix problem sources.  I think he cares a lot about the success of his clients, and the success of chiropractic.  He continues to work as quality control, and he is there when I need his opinion.  We have much more control now, and it’s really fun to see the near-direct correlation between changes in the office, and quickly improving statistics.

I highly endorse Mr. Sharp’s services, and I felt very satisfied with the value of his services.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call me.


In working with Ed Sharp, we’ve been given tools to specifically understand what needs to happen at each position in our office.  He has shown us how to identify problems specifically and correct them as they arise.  We were shown the importance of allowing people to do their job without interference and the effects that interference has on the effectiveness of each position was made apparent.  Each of our problems were addressed specifically and fully until each person understood their responsibility.

I have really enjoyed the gentle and upbeat manner in which he created a team work atmosphere.  I whole heartedly would recommend that you have Ed Sharp come evaluate and work with our office, before he gets so busy, that you have to wait when you want it now.

Good luck, go forth and prosper.


I am writing to convey my pleasure with the results of the consulting visit Mr Sharp recently paid to our office.  I had previously attended presentation from other management consultants, but I had always come away feeling like I had tried to sip water from a fire hose: lots of good ideas, but how should I implement them and how could I make them work at my practice?

That is not a problem in dealing with Ed.  After first learning a good deal about my practice over the phone, he then spent an entire day observing how my practice operates before making any suggestions.  Then he presented me with a roadmap to reach the goals I had selected.  This tailor-made approach made all the difference.  Thanks to Ed, and the statistical monitoring systems he put into place, we are busier than ever before and well on our way to achieving our goals.  I would strongly recommend his service to any chiropractor wishing to reach his or her business goals.


Wow, what a difference a Report of Findings and Staff Placement can make!  When we started with you in August 2006 it seemed we could never get over a certain patient visit barrier.  We knew the right team was in place and could not seem to get it together.  After your visit to our office you were able to confirm we had a great team however, maybe not in the best positions.  You helped us through these transitions and made it very easy for us, and what a huge difference this has made.  We look at the graphs prior to the staff placement changes and laugh.  Why couldn’t we see that?  The Report of Findings you have taught me is amazing.  Our patient compliance is much higher and we are getting more patients prepaying for their entire care.  These are just a few of the many things my staff and I are grateful for.  I have to say the number one thing you have helped us with is accountability.  You expect the best not only from me but from my staff as well.  We had a very close fit staff before but we have even built a stronger connection since your visit in November.  You EXPECT the best from my staff and myself each and every day!  I did not know how much I needed someone to tell me like it was and is!  You do not sugar coat anything you just state the facts.  You are truly a GREAT coach and I want to thank you for everything you have and will continue to do.  We still have a lot to learn and we are excited to get the next level.


The time has come, doctor, to quit riding the fence and do something about your failing practice.  Do it now!  Stop living face down in the mud with the only thing holding you there is fear and anxiety.  During the past three days Ed has taught me things that I thought would never work.  That was the problem.  I THOUGHT it would not work.  Change your thinking and the way your organization operates.  Let Ed Sharp remove your fear and anxiety.  It wasn’t hard.  It wasn’t painful.  Don’t let the money discourage you either.  Remember, money is only a tool to get what you want.  Use it and get it!  Come out of the shadows and live the life a chiropractor should live.  Stress free and help millions have a long, healthy life.




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